The Times They Are A-Changin’

It’s official. A season of change is upon us, and the feeling is becoming palpable. With New York just around the corner, and many travel adventures planned for the summer, we’re almost jumping out of our skin to get outdoors. So when our newest MEC catalogue arrived in the mail this morning, we rejoiced at the thought of all that great camping equipment sitting in the garage, just waiting to be employed once again. To our surprise, we discovered that MEC is celebrating their 40th anniversary. In a true sign of the times, we also learned that this will be their last printed catalogue. We think it’s a very intriguing decision. As we ponder this decision and what it means to us, the customer, we can’t help but agree with their point of view – the times are changing. Communication is ever-shifting, and each and every business is discovering what that means, and how it affects their company both internally and externally. We commend them for their bold choice, and look forward to seeing what other intriguing decisions will be made as the 2010’s continue to progress. But enough politicking, let’s just enjoy the beautiful cover by Luke Ramsey (MEC member), inside work by Ray Fenwick (a local talent!), as well as Nina Palmer and Todd Macfie of Platform Design, and 40 years of hard work and dedication. Cheers to the future!


What's Being Said

  1. I love, love, love these illustrations.

    I also love summer and the fact that this appears to have been shot on your deck.

  2. Yep, I shot them in my winter coat. So not quite spring weather yet. But at least the snow is gone from part of the backyard.

  3. Hi, I had the pleasure of working on this catalogue along with a whole lot of other great people.

    Just to be clear with your post: cover is by Luke Ramsey, the 1971 spread is by Ray Fenwick, the Map is by Nina Palmer and the Investment lettering is by me (Todd Macfie).

    Apart from that, it was really brave for the communications department at MEC to 1) stop using so much paper and 2) take the last catalogue in this awesome direction.

    PS: I really like your work! Great colours, great use of materials, and very nice type.

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