Happy New Year!

Hello everyone, and Happy New Year! We’ve been noticeably absent for the past 10 days or so, taking a much-needed break from work and rejuvenating ourselves for a fresh start in 2012. We’re feeling extremely optimistic at the moment, after what can only be described as a busy, difficult, and yet incredibly rewarding year in 2011. We marked off several major and minor successes, mostly revolving around the launch of our business, but also managed to take a couple amazing trips; New York, Saskatchewan and Minneapolis. This year is looking even brighter, with new clients on the horizon, work to share, items planned for the shop, and planned travels to places new and old (including Arizona in March and a roadtrip through the USA in fall). We also have several friends getting married this year, and many new resolutions involving adventure, food and music. So before we officially get started, a look back at our favourite things from this holiday season. Best wishes to everyone!

Above are a couple of examples of our most prized holidays decorations (and a few new typographic creations) from this year. As any designer will note, decorating (and re-decorating) is one of the best parts of the season. Out come our favourite seasonal gems, including our little collections of wooden toys, vintage glass bottles, and our favourite match packs. Add a few punches of red and blue, and presto — Christmas is here!

Of course, no holiday season would be complete without gifts.We aimed to keep our gift-giving fairly low key this year, but Santa spoiled us nonetheless. Tyler received an old classroom pull-down World Map, a fresh set of Moleskin’s for the New Year, a set of uncut pencils from Earmark Social Paper Goods (creatively and appropriately marked ‘It’s Business Time), a gold bar notepad for all his million dollar ideas, and Max Fleischer’s original Superman series, gorgeously animated in 1941-42. Among the gifts Jessie received were a beautiful set of pillows from Bark Decor, a 7-year ink pen to let her thoughts flow, a sampling of Sea Salt Caramels, a set of bright white pencils for sketching, a gorgeous owl necklace, and finally a book of Italian recipes to bring us right back to Europe.

That’s it from us for the holiday season! It was an absolute pleasure to see all of our families and friends, and we can’t wait to do it again next year. In the meantime, onwards and upwards with 2012!  – Tyler + Jessie