Charlie’s Coffee Co.

Location:Manitou, Manitoba
Services:Brand Collateral, Brand Identity, Logo Design

Located in a small town, Charlie’s Coffee Co. is a true bricks-and-mortar enterprise, decorating (and bringing joy to) the quaint and historic Main Street of Manitou, Manitoba.

Simply put, Charlie’s is a neighbourhood coffee shop. It’s main goal is to provide a friendly place for local community to grab food and drink, extending warmth and support back to the community that supports it.

In order to satisfy our goal of creating an accessible and friendly brand, we aimed to keep one foot in the past, drawing from gathering spots from our shared past(s). Citing Cheers — among other examples — we moved in the direction of a hand-written script. Once the logo was cemented, we created a soft and warm colour palette to ensure a welcoming attitude was presented for people of all ages.