Fête Ice Cream + Coffee

Location:Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Services:Brand Identity, Logo Design, Packaging Design

Located in Winnipeg, Canada, Fête Ice Cream + Coffee is a cozy, quaint, and warm-feeling ice cream shop offering made-from-scratch recipes, and serving delicious coffee.

Co-owners Teri-Lynn and Elise had a strong vision of what they wanted in a brand, which centred around the classic ice cream shop experience that left you feeling happy inside, as if you were taking a break from the world. In fact, they feel that their made-from-scratch recipes would make their grandmas proud!

Fête — which is French for great — therefore took on a happy, colourful flavour with a vintage aftertaste. Starting with a whimsical logo, we moved into a warm-feeling colour palette which could apply itself differently to a variety of packages, including their pints, coffee cups and an 'ice cream passport', for those aficionados who won't stop until they've tried every flavour. All-in-all, we feel it's just the right mix of ingredients.