2013: A Year in Review

Here we are. 2014. If you believe popular fiction, it’s only one year until we start to see flying cars (and let’s hope they’re Deloreans). Unlikely, but at the rate technology has changed, it’s hardly an impossibility. Now that we’re here, somehow it leaves the early 2000’s (which seem all-too-recent) looking like, well, a thing of the past. And yet it was in those years that we cut our teeth, that we discovered what it meant to be graphic designers, and that we learned many valuable lessons that hold true in our lives today. This coming spring will mark 10 years since we turned professional (and subsequently 10 years since we began dating), and the rolling forward of this year’s calendar starts our third full year as business owners at One Plus One. And while in some ways 2013 was a year like every other, in more ways it was a year like no other. We continued to meet, and work with, people from all over the globe. Indonesia, England, Australia, the Yukon, Southern California, New York, North Carolina, Ontario and Alberta are just some of the locations in which found our clients located. We know that we’re lucky to have met these amazing people, but it does prove that like-minded people can, and will, find each other when they want to. 2013 also saw us settling in to our new life, learning to balance our blend of design, work and life after a 2012 which saw us dedicating what seemed like every waking hour to lift our business off the ground. And while there is still plenty of room for improvement, 2014 has us as optimistic as ever. New technologies are allowing us to push our business model forward, to build new travel plans, to continue to expand our circles, and most importantly to achieve further balance. It’s going to be interesting, and we can’t wait to get started. But before we do, we want to tip our hats to the year that was, fondly looking back at our favourite Instagram moments from 2013. And, if you’re curious as to what we’re up to in 2014, you can always follow along on Instagram here and here. – Tyler