The Everywhere Project

Hello everyone. We’ve slipped a bit on the blog this week, largely in part to preparing for our trip to Arizona this coming week. In fact, it seems that travel has been on the brain all week, which is why we thought we’d share a cool concept, The Everywhere Project, curated by Adrian Walsh, designer and illustrator from Southern California.

The Everywhere Project is a collaborative design project that pays tribute to the classic folk song ‘I’ve Been Everywhere’, which co-incidentally, is our main goal in life. A select group of designers and illustrators were invited to create luggage labels, each reperesenting one of the 92 locations (and just where is Winnipeg?) that appear in the American version of the song. Sour grapes aside, with only 5 creations in, or on, the bag so far, it’s going to be very exciting to see who, and what, is next. Make sure you tune in to their Twitter page for future contributions!  – Tyler