Harth Mozza & Wine Bar

Location:Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Services:Brand Collateral, Brand Strategy, Photography, Social Media


Harth Mozza & Wine Bar has a mission; to step backwards in time, into the traditions of old-world Italy, where every dinner is an honoured event.

Approached in 2016 by Fireside Design + Build, we were asked to come aboard a moving project, augmenting their existing design plans with a brand that would match the interiors with the feeling of the food being prepared.

Luckily, we were very closely removed (2015) from having traveled to Italy — visiting regions in Tuscany such as Chianti, Florence and Siena — and had the sights and smells of their culinary expertise top of mind. With the design centred around the wood-fired hearth and owing inspiration to the beautiful wine cellars and libraries throughout Italy, we focused on a simple word mark, something that felt time-honoured but did not get in the way of the beautiful food. Once the signage and menus were completed, we began shooting photos for their social media feeds. We ensured their hand-crafted approach and unique interiors were captured properly to generate excitement for their opening (and beyond).