Ulla & Viggo

Location:Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Services:Brand Collateral + Brand Identity

Ulla & Viggo

Located in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Ulla & Viggo is a small atelier-style studio that creates baby and toddler footwear, handcrafted with the highest quality of leather materials.

Having met owner Pia Buus at various markets over the years — and having a newborn daughter at the time — we were quite familiar with her product. We knew that Pia had found early success with her company without any branding; now it was time to have a brand that matched her product. 

The first thing we noted was the exceptional quality of the shoes, and the strong colour palette already in use through material selection. Starting from a place where a colour palette leads is not typical, but in this case proved to be a creative boost, as we started imagining all the different ways we could use it, which eventually led to the creation of several different vector patterns and illustrations. A sophisticated  simplicity of design started to form, and before we knew it, we had a functioning brand, exciting both digitally and in the various formats of brand collateral we created.