Our Studio

Founded in 2011, we are a multi-faceted creative studio
that believes in a healthy mix of design, work and life.

Our Vision

Create innovative work for innovative clients.

We don’t believe in a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to design. Each client brings a different set of characteristics, and a new set of ideas. We value trust, and strive to deliver a focused experience informed by clear-cut business objectives and honest discussions. We aim to provide value, and we aspire to create solutions that are both polished and pragmatic, speaking directly to their intended audience.

Our Approach

Leave no creative stone unturned.

Our process is heavily indebted to this philosophy. Listening to your story, we find out what’s unique about your business. We dream big, but we also observe the small details. From brand identity + collateral, to promotional materials, illustration, website design and social media, we employ insightful thought and work with many reliable partners — both print and digital — to deliver everything you need.

About Us


Designer, Project Manager, Brand Strategist

Besides being husband and co-founder, Tyler has many titles (including Mr. Manager). A believer in honest solutions, his linear thought process results in effective design — a product of meticulous lists, organized schedules and detailed project timelines. Straight to the point, he believes in telling engaging stories that go beyond the surface of aesthetic appeal.


Designer, Illustrator, Creative Thinker

The yin to Tyler’s yang, Jessie’s approach to design reflects her outlook on life. Positive, organic, and down to earth. An adept illustrator, her design skill set is as versatile as it is effective. Connected and observational, Jessie continues to explore the role that design, illustration and social media plays in creating, rejuvenating and sustaining brands.

Our Design Process

Drawing from years of experience, we provide
clear and easy direction for each phase of your project.


We start by scheduling a consultation to discuss the scope, pricing and timelines for your project. We then create a custom proposal, outlining all of your project details. Once finalized, we accept a deposit, and together complete a questionnaire to help us understand your desired brand direction, demographic and business goals.


Once we’ve discovered your goals, we dive headfirst into market research, focusing on the clear cut objectives set out in the proposal. We form a project vision together by sharing inspiration through a private Pinterest board, and then create a mood board — a collection of focused images — to be used as the foundation of your project.


Having established your project direction, we get down to the nitty gritty — the design. Using our market research and moods board as a base, we create your concept, and in turn ask for constructive, honest feedback. We’ll prompt you with specific questions, fine tune the design, and ensure the results are both strategically sound and aesthetically pleasing.


It’s time to launch! Through careful planning, we roll out your project. Depending on the scope, this may include your brand identity, brand collateral, packaging, signage, website, social media strategy and/or campaign, e-newsletter templates, as well as any associated tutorials and strategy documents to help you remain successful.

Our Clients

Our clients are a part of our team, and we are a part of theirs.
We are based in Canada, they are from across the globe.

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