The Next Frontier

Graphic designers are visual people. Not a day goes by where we don’t tilt our heads, looking for a new perspective. Recently, our sights have shifted to the American Midwest, specifically South Dakota, Wyoming, Idaho and Oregon. The thought of visiting has gone from a seed of an idea, to a sprout just itching to break to the surface. Just as Europe before it, it has slowly begun to warm on the back burner as we study maps and look for inspiration. Whether deliberate or accidental, we find aspects of this forthcoming adventure inching their way into everything we see, which is why we are happy to have discovered this expansive photographic series by Dylan Coulter. Set in and around Wallowa National Forest, Oregon, ‘The Last Cowboys’ features stunning landscape juxtaposed with it’s aging inhabitants, making for poignant storytelling. One can’t help but feel the passage of time, and the yearning for a simpler age — precisely why we plan to travel there next summer.