Happy 4th of July!

Well, our Canadian holiday is over. Not too far South though, another celebration continues. We just want to take a quick moment to thank all our new friends, customers and acquaintances we’ve made over the past year throughout the US, and wish them all a happy 4th of July. Having recently spent 3 months overseas, we plan on traveling a little closer to home in the immediate future, starting (hopefully) next summer with a planned West Coast USA tour. We’re hoping to spend a few weeks exploring the many National Parks (as seen here in our fun new 1974 National Parks map) along the way, getting to know the landscape while continuing to test our theories on blending work with life. Even though there’s likely 12 months to go before we can even begin our journey of this beautiful country, we’re very excited at the thought and will be looking for tips as the year progresses (hint, hint).