What’s Your Recroom Style?

Another weekend, another fantastic find! This 70-page book, printed and published in 1961 by Canadian Forest Products Ltd., was hidden away at a garage sale on the way to Silver Harbour. It seems perfectly suited to it’s new owners, however. Our house, built in 1959, contains a basement just like the ones featured, and we collect many of the same pieces of dinnerware and furniture presented below. It’s quite amazing to see how relevant this book remains 50 years later. Resembling a modern-day House Industries sample, the purpose of it is quite simple — to up-sell homeowners on re-designing their basement. 6 solutions are offered, with step-by-step instructions on how to build the bars, desks, floors, ceiling, paneling and just about everything else needed to complete a room. The water-colour illustrations are remarkable (and telling of the times), and the immense amount of technical illustrations are no small feat either. To think that this would have been a collaboration between artists, writers, type-setters, proof-readers and designers simply boggles the mind. So what do you think — if you could pick 1 style for your basement, what would it be?