Launched: All You Need Is Love

Vikki and Shannon, both lovely, personable and incredibly enthusiastic women, are wedding planners and business partners of All You Need is Love Events, located in Southern California. We are delighted to have met (and to have worked together), and now we’re incredibly excited to share the what we’ve been cooking for the past several months!

All You Need Is Love website - One Plus One Design

Looking for a revamp of their entire online presence, our only stipulation was to keep the existing logo, giving us a blank canvas to rebuild their brand presence from the bottom up. Facing a similar problem that many businesses come up against, their first website solution was a template, not entirely suited to their unique attributes as individuals or as a company. And although they had invested in a logo, they did not have a brand identity to implement, giving them a serviceable web solution, but one that lacked the true appeal of their personalities and approach to their clients.

Our goals together would be threefold;
1. Identify what makes them unique as wedding planners.
2. Create key brand characteristics to direct the design strategy.
3. Implement a tailored website framework to properly convey their business and the wonderful weddings that they help produce.

All You Need Is Love website - One Plus One Design

But just want does that all mean you ask? Strategic design, brand presence, website framework? It all sounds a little confusing if you’re not familiar. Specifically speaking, we created a total brand aesthetic — encompassing the colour palette, typography selections and brand elements such as patterns and button rollovers — all in line with our creative objectives as a team. The colour palette has elements of light fun through the use of pinks and peaches, balanced with modern touches of gold and charcoal. The typography carries the same light, modern tone, and the geometric elements also embrace these notions, rounding out the design. Of course, these elements are only effective when combined properly, which brings us to the clean, easy to navigate layout (set up specifically to be scroll-friendly on both mobile and tablet devices), which effectively communicates the brand while showing off the outstanding weddings in their portfolio.

All You Need Is Love website - One Plus One DesignAll in all (see the pun!), we’re extremely pleased with the results, made that much easier to accomplish with the help of the ever-organized duo of Shannon and Vikki (whose talents we would highly recommend if you’re looking for help for your big day). – Tyler + Jessie