Introducing: Andrea Pelletier

With the holidays are quickly approaching we’re realizing how little is left of 2013, and how much design work is currently sitting in the vault, waiting to be shared with the world. Today we’re opening that vault and introducing one of our favourite projects from 2013, brand identity and website for a one-of-a-kind, wonderfully pleasant client — Andrea Pelletier!


Andrea is a warm, exuberant soul. The work she creates —  one-of-a-kind, hand crafted garments  — are reflective of the enthusiasm she brings to her everyday life; at once eclectic, spontaneous, unexpected and always cheerful. As such, her brand identity and website needed to capture these characteristics, while still conveying her services in a concise manner. Our goal was to share Andrea with a larger audience, giving her viewers (both current and future) the opportunity to see the full scale of her work, accompanied by a number of different avenues to follow and connect with her.


Once we established the creative direction, first starting with the logo and then moving on to the brand elements, we plotted out the website. Our first recommendation was to show Andrea, both as a person and working at her craft. Beautiful images would be key, and we didn’t want to let the opportunity slip by. From there we planned her galleries, dividing her work into easily followed categories. We took time to properly conceive of how the galleries would be updated and remain consistent, eventually empowering Andrea with WordPress tutorials do do just that. Similar to other websites we have designed in the past, we infused her Instagram feed into the home page to provide easy access for new viewers, and added a large, quick link to her Etsy shop. From there we mapped out a blog, giving Andrea an avenue to share her methodology with her clients, both past and present.


Specifically speaking about the brand now, we chose a neutral, feminine colour palette, giving her vibrant pieces a chance to speak for themselves. We created a simple, timely logo which applies itself to uses both small and large (think tags and stamps), and followed up with a repeatable background pattern using the actual sewing patterns as inspiration. Finally, we chose simple typefaces, electing for small display sizes and a delicate feel.

As mentioned above, we felt this project was the perfect opportunity to arrange a styled photo shoot. Andrea was a perfectly willing subject, and we felt that her enthusiasm, combined with her interesting fashion, tattoos and favourite objects would make for a winning recipe. We jumped at the chance to work with some of our favourite collaborators — Lani Elias and Ashley Illchuk — who helped bring our vision to life on both sides of the lens. Two talented women with whom we’re always glad to work with!


Working with clients such as Andrea keep us inspired and keeps us fresh. As a sole proprietor of her business, we’re extremely glad to have had the opportunity to help her expand her potential clientele. Andrea, best of luck in 2014. To anyone reading, please visit Andrea’s website, whether you’re in the market for a custom piece or you just want to say pay her a compliment. Cheers! – Tyler + Jessie