One Plus One Design 2.0

Welcome to One Plus One Design, version 2.0! We’ve undergone a business transformation, tidying up our portfolio, journal, and most importantly; our services. You’ll notice many differences with our new website, and we’re happy to tell you all about it.

One Plus One Design

Why have you re-launched?
A lot has changed since we threw our hat in the ring in 2011. The world is getting smaller and smaller, and the speed at which we connect is blindingly quick. The global marketplace is producing new wants and needs, necessitating new technologies, and thus new design applications. The skill sets required of us, therefore, are expanding exponentially. We view this as Darwinian law: evolve, or get left behind. We’re choosing to evolve.

What has changed?
In a nutshell, the marketplace. When we first began our careers 11 years ago, companies were focused on traditional advertising. Not much attention was placed on brand identity, much less developing a consistent brand strategy. Social media was non-existent, and clients were not as worried about their image. In 2011, the world had evolved, and so it has again in 2015. Branding is no longer a buzz word, it’s a business requirement. In the past 4 years we have gained a wealth of experience working with clients from a cross-section of industries, and a variety of global locations. We’re well-tested and well-connected, and most importantly, we’re focused. As our business has progressed, so have our services, ultimately changing our opinions on what a client needs, and what we need to offer. Having helped our clients tell their stories through strategically planned brands, social media, websites and beyond, we decided to meet the market head on.

One Plus One Design

How have you changed your services?
We still offer a variety of design services, from brand identities to website design to promotional materials. But we’ve strengthened our process, and we’ve added complimentary services such as ongoing brand management, design coaching, and social media strategy planning. And we’re going to continue to evolve, because we’re passionate about helping companies achieve their business objectives, by telling their stories using whatever medium brings them the highest ROI.

One Plus One Design - Service Illustrations

What else is new?
A lot actually! For starters, we’ve updated our portfolio, including many projects that we’ve been sitting on for the majority of 2015. We’ve also re-imagined our blog, now called our Journal. We believe that less is more, which is why we’re going to be posting less frequently, with more concentration on quality information. Finally, the entire website design and structure, which is now 100% responsive, designed for desktop, tablet and mobile devices alike.

One Plus One Design