Introducing: SWOONED

We’re very thrilled to present a new project that has been waiting patiently for it’s official introduction. It’s a website, it’s name is Swooned, and it’s anticipating your visit!

Swooned is the brainchild of sisters Lauren and Ashley Whitticom. It’s purpose? To be a leading online wedding resource, dedicated to bringing fresh and modern wedding inspiration to discerning brides and grooms. As such, it’s capabilities are (almost) endless. Among other things, readers can find a diverse selection of real weddings and engagement sessions from around the world; trendsetting styled shoots, original do-it-yourself tutorials, unconventional signature cocktail recipes, in-depth interviews with top wedding professionals and features on bridal fashion and beauty. But that’s not all. Swooned contains a visual search tool for finding and collecting thousands of wedding ideas (i.e. Pinterest), a carefully curated vendor guide, and a lovely shop featuring the finest artisanal wedding goods. What else you ask? How about a plethora of custom-created mood boards, covering a variety of styles to help brides develop a cohesive wedding style and colour palette for their big day.

Sounds pretty sweet, doesn’t it? If our tongue-in-cheek tone suggests we took this project lightly, we can assure you that’s not the case (although it was certainly fun to work on). In fact, our laundry list was lengthy. First, we needed to create a structure that could properly display the many features mentioned above. This meant plenty of site mapping, sketching and wire framing. From there we were tasked with creating the brand logo — a geometric heart designed to reflect the look of an engagement diamond. Equally important, we needed to create a consistent visual brand language; versatile (and web-safe) typography selections and a soft and elegant colour palette.

But no brand is complete without reoccurring brand elements. In order to enforce the idea of modern elegance, we utilized thin ruled lines which served as separators and frames. Playing off the idea of engagement (and the ring influenced logo), we also employed a diamond theme throughout, serving as social media icons, sub headers and photo labels among other uses. The welcoming gradient that populates the background was also applied as a rollover action, adding a sense of style. Finally, we created a grid system that would allow the visual solution to be applicable in the many different forms throughout the website.

It took a tremendous amount of effort to bring Swooned to life, for which we’d like to thank Lauren for her hard work and Arlo Leach for his dedication to the back end. We’ve been sitting on this project for awhile now, so it’s a huge excitement (and relief) to officially introduce it to the world. We’d like to add that over the next couple of weeks we’re equally excited to the launch of two new client websites (which we cannot yet reveal). As always, stay tuned for more! – Tyler + Jessie