Thinking Small

As we continue to plan, and renovate, our two extra bedrooms to become our finished work spaces, we constantly question what is comfortable, inspirational, and ultimately necessary to succeed. With each room totalling only 90 square feet, every decision becomes important. That’s why we were excited to come across a motivational article in House Beautiful this past week, titled ‘Living Large in Small Spaces’. It struck a chord with us in many ways, reminding us that bigger is not always better. A small dwelling, when properly planned, can be incredibly beneficial, eliminating unnecessary distractions and helping to stimulate ideas. A perfect example; a couple that built and took up residence in a 12-foot cube with a sleeping loft and porch (but no electricity) in the mountains of Northern California. We’re not sure if that’s exactly what we had in mind, but it serves as a model, and reinforces a quote from Leonardo da Vinci, ‘Small rooms or dwellings discipline the mind, while large one’s weaken it’ — and we can’t wait to test this theory. Here are some of the small spaces currently inspiring to us. We apologize for the lost links, please visit Pinterest for more inspiring work spaces.