Beard Buddy

Once in awhile a great idea comes along to remind me that I’m never going to grow a beard. That is, if members of my friends or family haven’t already reminded me. So when I came across this quirky idea yesterday, impressively illustrated by Andrew Groves of London, England and going by the catchy name of Beard Buddy, I just had to share it with all the real men of the world.

It’s a pretty simple concept. Save your beard from getting weird. You know, when that loosely trimmed forest catches a hint of mustard, or a few crumbs of cookie. What makes this product so great is the hand-stiched design, complimented by the handsome 2-colour cardboard packaging. That, and the fact that designer Andrew Groves ‘lives in a barn in the woods where he creates images and makes objects for clients and personal projects’. If that doesn’t earn your respect, well, you might not be a man.

So take a look in the mirror, and if your beard is about to get weird, head over to the Beard Buddy shop, and keep that bushel food-free!  – Tyler