Oh Beautiful Beer

If there are two weaknesses I have (only two?), it’s that I love a delicious beer, and that I’m a sucker for packaging. In fact, I’ve made it fairly clear that I would love nothing more than to combine these interests by branding a brewery, reflecting on beer labels here and the prospect of packaging design here. Chancing upon Oh Beautiful Beer this weekend through the interwebs has me buzzing with ideas, so we’re going to start of the week the way most people end it — with beer!

It may seem as though beer is an over-saturated market, but in recent years there has been a major resurgence in craft breweries, both here in Canada and further South with our American compatriots. I, for one, fully support this movement as often as I can, maybe even a little too often. With the sterilization of creativity with the major brands (not to mention the sterilization of the beer itself), it makes it that much easier to appreciate the adventurous design of these great breweries, so we dedicate this post to the beauty of beer!

If you’re still thirsty for more, these are but just a few of the amazing package designs found on Oh Beautiful Beer. Head there to check out the rest, and tell us your favourites!  – Tyler