Jewish Food Hero

Location:Battambang, Kingdom of Cambodia
Services:Brand Identity + Website Design


Jewish Food Hero is an online resource that provides articles, products, courses, and breathtaking plant-based downloadable recipes for both Jewish and non-Jewish women alike.

With no true guidepost to look to, Jewish Food Hero needed to appeal to a cross section of women, offering valuable content desirable in appearance, clear in presentation, and flawless in execution. Moreover, there was an extreme importance of appealing to Jewish women, while avoiding the pitfalls and cliches associated with the public interpretation of Jewish culture.

The initial tagline — Jewish First, Healthy Always — became the underlying mandate for our outreach strategy, and the measuring stick for each and every design decision. Developing mood boards which centred on beautiful plant-based meals, we turned to the beauty found in natural, whole ingredients. This helped us create a brand identity encompassing the characteristics bright, white and light. The olive branch, located in the logo, is an important symbol in Jewish culture, but also a nod to extending an olive branch to non-Jews (as well as an important ingredient in healthy cooking). Typography and colour were chosen to be sophisticated, but accessible. White space was given a premium, and perhaps most importantly, photography was carefully planned out, and given a chance to show the wonderfully healthy menus that founder Kenden Alfond hopes to share with the world.