Little Bones Wings

Location:Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Services:Brand Identity + Brand Collateral

An early player in the burgeoning food truck scene in Winnipeg, Canada, Little Bones Wings started in 2012 as a mobile business serving 20 laboriously researched and flavourful options, later expanding into a full-menu sit-in restaurant.

Battling preconceived notions of wings conveyed through the advertising of major food chains, Little Bones needed a distinct brand identity, separate from the socially accepted status quo, yet with franchise-ability in mind. Spending months researching and testing his flavours, owner Alex Goertzen gave us carte blanche in conceptualizing an effective brand identity.

Our design decisions were informed by conducting research from coast-to-coast throughout the USA and Canada. Much like our initial gut reaction, our discoveries indicated that in order to be successful, the brand needed to be bold, fun, and noticeable from a distance. Borrowing from the playful company name, we started by creating a series of logos, literally screaming with personality. An accompanying set of elements were created, including bursts and bolts, as well as an aggressive core colour palette of red, yellow and brown (food chain staples), accented by pink, blue, green and black (vibrant rock n' roll). Individual brand materials were nuanced to be both loud and clearly communicated, including truck signage, menu design, social media page design, and food packaging.