Iron Beasts Make Great Beauty

We were pleasantly surprised when an early Christmas present was delivered to our doorstep late last week. ‘A box from Studio on Fire? But we don’t have anything on order!’ said One Plus One. ‘Wait, could it be…’ answered One Plus One. It was. We are now proud owners/recipients of the gorgeously groomed, exquisitely bound book titled ‘Iron Beasts Make Great Beauty‘, and we couldn’t agree with the title more.

This book is unique not only for it’s craftsmanship and plethora of beautiful samples inside, but also for the idea that it represents. If you’ve ever received a piece of letterpress communication, be it wedding invitation, business card or otherwise, then you know that feeling of utter butterfly-inducing joy that accompanies it. And that feeling never goes away. We know this because we were through-the-roof excited when we found our wedding invitations detailed near the back of the book, in and amongst many über talented designers and studios.

As Principal Ben Levitz details in his foreward, ‘As our culture increases it’s reliance on digital communications…letterpress printing becomes an even more unique counterpoint that allows us to connect with a piece of communication in real life.’ And that, our friends, is the reason for this post, and the real reason we do what we do. To be able to create a connection through graphic design is the ultimate goal, the endgame, the light at the end of the tunnel. And it is the reason we began our own small studio. To be able to share our joy with clients and couples alike continues to be an incredibly rewarding experience, and proof positive that great relationships foster great work. So without further adieu, we present a fine curation of letterpress projects found in ‘Iron Beasts’ and printed by the Minneapolis-based Studio on Fire. And if you’re looking to add to your bookshelf (or for a gift for a fellow designer or creative mind) you can purchase this book here.  – Tyler