Featured: Uppercase Magazine

We’ve long been a fan of Uppercase magazine, dubbed ‘a magazine for the creative and curious.’ The format, the content, the layout, the fantastic attention to detail. The whole concept from top to bottom. It’s truly been one of our favourite reads over the past couple of years. Watching founder Janine Vangool grow her magazine has been incredibly inspiring, just as reading about all of the wonderful talent showcased has been. In fact, when we began our business in 2011, we joked how amazing it would be to have the opportunity to be featured in a her quarterly publication. Well, it’s now over 2 years later and we are extremely lucky to say that our little inside joke has become a reality.

Janine reached out to us a few months back to let us know she was developing an issue focusing on the aesthetics of work, and was interested in our story of being a married couple and partners in business. It’s something we get asked about frequently, and we were very happy to shed a little light on the subject (especially because of the quality of the interview questions). In a fortunate twist of fate, Janine was also interested in sharing images of our workspace, a shoot we had literally just finished (with the help of good friends and wonderful talents Lani Elias and Ashley Nicole). Lo and behold, here we are in October — the issue is in the stands (and of course, on our coffee table) and we’re wearing a pair of proud grins on our faces. Not that we had any doubts, but Janine and her team really knocked the feature out of the park, just as they have done so many times before. As for us, we’re going to enjoy the moment, and give our thanks to Janine for the opportunity to share our story.

If you’re interested in checking out issue #19, look for it in your local bookstore. And if you’re really interested in Uppercase and haven’t checked it out to date, we highly recommend you visit their beautiful website here– Tyler + Jessie

Portrait and Home Photography by Lani Elias Photography
Stationery Photography by Victoria Anne Photography
Home and Stationery Styling by Ashley Nicole Design