Yr City’s a Sucker

My city’s a creep. OK, we’re probably all done with LCD analogies at this point, so on with the show. Our last two days in NYC were just as jam-packed as our first two, but they allowed us to see many new parts of the city, and get some much-needed fresh air intake at Central Park. Did we mention shopping in SoHo? Once again, we’ll keep this short and let the camera do the work.

Day 3: Much needed sleep and recovery. Excellent brunch down the street at Olea. More exploring, a few peaceful hours in beautiful and engaging Central Park including an entertaining live show. MoMA store, SoHo sampling, back to Brooklyn. Quick rest, back out for Italian, in for SNL and an early night.

Day 4: Up early, train to Brooklyn Bridge. Breathtaking walk across, all the while amazed it was completed in 1883. From there, straight to SoHo and 6 hours of shopping. Multiple purchases, tired feet and sore shoulders. Rest at Starbucks, back to Brooklyn. More rest, out for 1 inch thick burgers at great little dive in the West Village, Corner Bistro. Beers, laughs, exchanging of injury-stories. Brisk walk, back to Brooklyn for beer and vinyl, and ultimately, packing up. Sleep.

Coming up next week: The weekend in Polaroids and NYC Booty.