Roma Amor

Our time in Rome was brief, but productive. St. Peter’s Basilica, Costume Museum, Pantheon, The Colloseum, The Roman Forum, The Vatican Museum and endless walking and gawking in only 3 full days. In some ways it felt more like crossing items off a bucket list, but there were times of extreme excitement and fascination with the sheer scope of the structures, statues and Renaissance paintings all around us. Rome itself is quite large, and it has to be seen from the top of St. Peter’s Cupola (323 winding and narrow steps) to be appreciated. It sprawls between large hills and the Tiber River and varies in atmosphere from North to South, East to West. Favourite moments for the both of us include St. Peter’s Basilica and the Colloseum. The basilica truly has to be seen to be appreciated. 20 foot stone carvings (varied between marble and others that now escape us) litter the halls, and there is simply no square inch left untouched by an artist or craftsmen. The floor is an example of geometric perfection and exhibits ornately coloured patterns and symbols, while the ceilings are packed with detailed paintings and carvings of Christian symbolism. The Colloseum offered an amazing piece of history augmented by our Rick Steve’s audio tour (thank you iPods) on perhaps the nicest day of the trip. The gladiator exhibition on the second floor was extremely thorough and most importantly, legible in English. On display were the many costumes and battle armour used in the heyday of the empire, either on loan or replicated from the many museums across the world. It is virtually impossible to retain or repeat the vast amount of information we received in our 4 days, from Jewish roots to Christian uprising, through The Dark Ages and into the Renaissance right up to modern day Rome. Instead we simply thank the city for it’s history and share our experience with those of you who may one day want to see it for yourselves. Roma Amor.


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  1. Looks so beautiful! Sounds like you guys are having a great time! I may have to bug you in a few months…we just decided to include Italy on our honeymoon next year. Needless to say, these pictures and your descriptions are making me very excited for it!

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