Location:Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Services:Marketing Strategy, Photography, Art Direction

Shelmerdine is a local (Winnipeg) greenhouse, with 80+ years of history embedded in the local 'plant lovers' community. Deeply appreciated and very well known, they offer seasonal services, products and events for people and families of all ages.

We were approached in 2017 to help build a social media presence for Shelmerdine. After conducting our initial Discovery — which took the form of a half-day meeting and many hours of research into their (then-current) social media — it became clear that Shelmerdine was missing out on a key demographic. After generations of service to the public 'offline', we collectively realized that there was a gap of people aged 25 - 40 online that were looking for plant knowledge and home decor tips, but didn't know where to start.

We created a year-long social media & marketing strategy, aimed at bringing Shelmerdine into a new, younger viewership. Through the diligent set up content and photography schedules, we began to roll out a newer, friendlier, and brighter Shelmerdine, one that appealed to a younger audience without alienating the customers that built the business to begin with. In the years (and seasons) since, we have continued to work together with the team at Shelmerdine, listening to their customers, and striving to improve our content, styling, and approach wherever and whenever we can.