Fools & Horses

Location:Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Services:Packaging Design


With a focus on a triple-bottom line (environmental, social, financial), Fools & Horses is everything you want in your neighbourhood coffee shop; friendly staff, delicious food, fresh-brewed coffee and a wonderful environment.

Upon their opening as a start-up in 2015 — and like many start-ups in their position — Fools & Horses had focused on building a customer base first, and branding second. A year later they realized that a stamped-cup was not setting them apart, and more importantly, was not representing what made them unique as an organization. We had always loved visiting their shop; the interior design, the friendliness of their staff, and the general inclusivity we felt when we walked in the door. Our goal was to give their customers an inspirational cup that they would be proud to hold, proud to share, and that would stand out when they walked down the street.

Inspired by their tiled floor, we began exploring tiled floors from around the world, drawing inspiration to create our own custom patterns. The options were endless, but we narrowed down on a few geometric directions, allowing us to flex our pattern-building skills. Next, we pulled together a series of friendly, punchy colours (starting with a Robin's Egg blue, the colour of their chairs), opting to take their cup packaging out of the realm of minimalism, and into the world of bold, bright and happy. Once the designs were finalized, we worked with the printer to tweak the colour selections to ensure maximum colour!