Clear Lake Trading Post

Location:Wasagaming, Manitoba, Canada
Services:Brand Collateral, Brand Identity, Packaging Design

With strong roots in the community of Wasagaming, Manitoba, Clear Lake Trading Post remains an important asset to visitors of Riding Mountain National Park, offering a place to purchase both essentials and non-essentials for adventures of all shapes and sizes.

Approached in spring of 2017, we had a unique and rare opportunity to contribute to the spirit and well-being of a travel destination near and dear to our hearts; Riding Mountain National Park. Under new ownership, CLTP was looking for help building a brand, and offered carte blanche on all brand materials — including apparel, packaging and signage — as well as a chance to define a presence on social media that would firmly establish them as a valuable member of the community.

In this case, we had years of experience to draw from, having visited and stayed in the park many times over the previous 10 - 12 years. Starting from a place of the known, we started brainstorming the unknown; the many stores and cafes in the area, the numerous day hikes and hidden lakes, and the history of the town. We landed on an icon of a bear — notorious in the area — and built outwards from there, using a rustic typeface, rough textures, and a happy, vintage ‘can do’ attitude in our messaging. We also explored the park on foot, capturing images of adventure from throughout the various landscapes in the park to promote the various offerings CLTP has via social media.