Port of Morrow

It’s been awhile since we’ve posted a found piece of graphic design, purely for the aesthetic of it. You know that piece, the one that makes you feel as though you’re seeing something for the first time. Something that urges you to step outside your bubble and try something new (thus bringing you back to design school). Well I’ve recently come across album artwork that made me feel this way, instantly urging me to jump online and search out the artist.

I’m talking about Port of MorrowThe Shins first new album since 2007. Port of Morrow is a fantastic piece of art direction from Jacob Escobedo (an unknown name to me, but I’m guessing not to the world at large). Blending surrealism, hand-rendered lyrics, clean type and a quietly stated colour palette, this gate-fold paper album looks great sitting parallel to me at my desk. Therefore, I felt the need to share it with fellow collectors, music-lovers and graphic designers alike.

After many listens, the stereo and I seem to have found an agreement. Port of Morrow was well worth my dollars, and likely well worth yours.  – Tyler

Photography by Brian Smith, via Jacob Escobedo.