Our Recipe For Success

2013 is upon us — incredible we know! And as 2012 came to an end and the New Year began, we had time to reflect upon our first full year in business, complete with ups, downs and all-arounds. After meeting and working with so many great clients, couples and contacts, it became clear to us that sticking to our personal and business philosophy was the only true way to achieve what we have set out to accomplish. Because of this, we decided to share our philosophy with these special people in the form of a New Years promo package — letterpress printed and appropriately titled ‘Our Recipe for Success’ — and now we’d like to share it with you!

Although we joke that it’s Top Secret, it’s quite simple actually (and there are no short-cuts). There are only 4 ingredients — Hard work, TLC, Trust and Creativity — and when mixed together in the proper measurements, the outcome can be superb.

We hope you enjoy the final outcome, we know we enjoyed creating it. Best of luck with your own personal recipes for success in 2013! – Tyler + Jessie

Photography by Victoria Anne Photography.