Nature Inspires

It feels like this has been the longest winter in the history of winters. Now I don’t think that’s factual, but my brain and body have been telling me that this is true. So when the weather finally turned nice this past weekend, there was nothing that I wanted to do more than to spend every minute possible outdoors. Coincidentally, the beautiful weather aligned with a trip to a friends cabin. And boy did it feel good to get out of town. It always amazes me how nature is able to rejuvenate my creativity. Just sitting and sketching, hearing nothing more than birds and the wind in the trees are some of my most favourite things. To see bald eagles swooping overhead, to watch the Canadian geese come home, and to even get a rare glimpse at a moose (it was huge!) makes me want to just sit and let the ideas pour onto paper. Mother nature definitely puts me in my ‘happy place’ — what puts you there?  – Jessie