J’Adore le Chat Noir

It’s been a busy few weeks. Gutting the basement, cleaning the attic and prepping for our garage sale (2 weeks!) has left us pretty exhausted, and catching up after a long weekend is doubly daunting. While searching through boxes last night we came across a postcard we bought in Brussels. After pausing to reflect, we realized that sometimes when you need a sense of relief, it’s right before your eyes. Case in point, our little black cat – Boo! Curious, aloof, distant, jet black and of course, adorable, our cat is often our source of daily inspiration. Whether he’s wrestling his cougar, chattering at birds, laying in the sink or otherwise, his impeccable timing is something we greatly appreciate, and serves as levity on a regular basis. So we thank this little postcard, and our little cat, for the gentle reminder. (Side note for anyone else who loves this illustration: ‘Le Chat Noir’ was created by Belgian poster designer Julian Key aka Julien Keymolen, in 1966, and was one of the first pieces of advertising without the use of typography.


What's Being Said

  1. Ha, love the 4th photo with the close up of his eyes – and the illustration of Le Chat Noir of course!

  2. Hello,

    you might be interested in visiting the Julian Key official web site I have been designing : http://www.juliankey.com. If you click on the artist picture on the home page,you will discover its personality.

    Other pages show advertising works and free works.

    Enjoy !


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