Illustration Inspiration – Veronica The Hippo

We have a confession to make, and most of you may already know this about us, but we can’t resist collecting anything vintage. Vintage items are such a great source of design and illustration inspiration. We are fascinated with the time and detail that goes into so many of these items. So, today I present to you the book Veronica, written and illustrated by Roger Duvoisin. I picked this little lady up at a book sale a couple of years back. She drew me in with her charm, wit and irresistible illustrations. The story is about a hippo named Veronica, who one day decides that she wants to be famous and sets off for the big city. Veronica finds herself in all sorts of trouble and gets herself thrown in jail. Once she gets herself out of jail (busting through a brick wall of course) she realizes the city really isn’t a place for hippos. You’ll have to scour garage sales for the ending, but rest assured this little book is great for the kid in all of us.