Hello Mountains

Let’s just start off by saying that the mountains are amazing. They have this way of being beautiful and comforting, while at the same time being dangerous and looming. As a prairie girl, not having endless sky is something that I often forget about until winding around narrow mountain roads. Only 10 short days ago we were happily reminded, as we made our way through BC on a 12 day road trip. Here’s a little bit of the first part of our trip in pictures.

First stop โ€” Auntie Debbie’s house! My Aunt lives in Radium, a tiny tourist town best known for it’s hot springs and nearby skiing at Panorama in the winter.

Over the 2 days we stayed with her we tackled a couple of hikes, soaked in the springs, browsed farmers markets (where I found bacon jam! yes it’s a real thing) and spent the evening on her deck sipping wine and counting shooting stars. Can you say relaxing?

Before we left for our next leg of the trip (Revelstoke) we squeaked in one more hike, never satisfied with just one side of nature. This ended up being our favourite hike of the whole trip, so we were glad we took the time to navigate the back roads to find it. Winding up the mountain in our little car, we hiked up the trail to Bugaboo Falls. The trail was a little rougher than advertised in the guide book (as often seems to be the case), but once we made it to the top it was well worth it. The falls were roaring, and much larger than we expected. The best part about them? There was no one else there. We had them all to ourselves, and we could sit there and take it all in, completely un-interrupted and in our own worlds. – Tyler + Jessie