First Leg – Amsterdam

After much effort we have finally secured our first night’s stay in Europe. We’ll be flying into Amsterdam on September 9th, and although our stay will be limited to one night, we can’t wait to see what we find. We booked at The Bulldog (which I’m told it is ‘legendary’ by a friend overseas whom was just there) alongside the Amsterdam Channel in the heart of the city. We’ll have two days and 1 short night there before we head out with our friend/future tour guide Brigitte to Rotterdam, her home city. We have 4 nights ‘booked’ with her there which may or may not result in a day trip to Bruges among other adventures. We will be ending the trip in Amsterdam as well, and we plan on spending an additional 4 or 5 glorious December days in this beautiful city. Let’s just call this a warm-up.