Clever Cut-outs

It’s hard to ignore the fact that Christmas is right around the corner. This thought was solidified yesterday when we got our first blanket of snow (sigh). As such, I’ve started to keep my eyes open for fun Christmas gifts and/or stocking stuffers. When I came across these hilariously awesome, downloadable paper dolls by Kyle Hilton, I had to share. Kyle has created a series of paper dolls based on some of his (and my) favourite TV shows, including Arrested Development, Parks and Recreation and Breaking Bad just to name a few. The best part? He’s now taking orders to make completely custom paper dolls of you, or your loved ones, for $100. This would be a fantastic gift for any guy out there that has always dreamed of being a superhero, or if your just wanted to send a gift for a good laugh. Here are a few of my favourite dolls. Be sure to head over to Kyle’s Tumblr page and see the whole series. I just might have to assemble a couple for Tyler’s stocking. – Jessie