Behind the Scenes – Schweiz

It’s Part 2 of our behind-the-scenes look, and this time we’re covering our screen print inspired none other than our breathtaking visit to Switzerland!

We’d always heard that Switzerland was a place of pure, unmatched beauty. We’d even seen many a postcard and National Geographic special to support the theory. But nothing can really prepare you for the feeling of actually seeing it firsthand.

Our adventure, which started first in Interlaken, an continued on through Luzern before settling in Zurich, revealed to us a highly polished landscape and infrastructure.

Having been exposed to the Bavarian culture in Munich, we were already quite taken by the precision, and innovation, that Germans and Swiss-Germans share. This was reinforced in Switzerland in many ways. Their trains, for one, are impeccably timed. Architecture is sturdily built and exquisitely detailed, cowbells neatly organized, and of course, wood piles precisely stacked wherever you go.

With all the beauty surrounding us though, it ended up being the lasting memory of our daily walks through the town of Interlaken that made the largest impact. Missing home, we were glad to have fellow Canadians to share the experience with. And at a point in the trip where hostel breakfasts were starting to wear thin, we were able to enjoy 6 hearty meals in a beautiful hotel/restaurant, while remarking at the incredibly large, yet somehow quaint, homes that populated the town around us.

Thanks for reading, and stay tuned for Italy!  – Tyler