Arizona – Day 4

Well, another week has passed, and it looks like our ambitious idea of one post per day might have been, well, a little ambitious. Regardless, we’re still going to share our trip, continuing on with Day 4.

Day 4 saw us wake up to our worst nightmare. Snow. Well, maybe not our worst nightmare, but we did leave Canada in search of warmer climates. But there is a silver lining behind each cloud, and in this case, our lining presented us an opportunity to return to the Canyon to see it as it snowed.

Once we had our fill, we soldiered on South, searching for the Oak Creek Canyon scenic road to Sedona (more on this another day). Once we arrived in Sedona, it was all smiles. Sedona, in our opinions, is one of the most beautiful places on Earth (noting that we have not yet been to every place on Earth). Somewhat surprisingly, it’s gorgeous and stark red rock is complimented by a lush overcoat of green shrubbery. This is something you can see from the ground, but can only really be appreciated from an elevated position, which is why we quickly set to work in hiking Doe Mountain, generously suggested to us by a local passerby.

Doe Mountain presented a unique opportunity to see the valley from on high, and reminded us (yet again) how small we really are. From there we could see how Sedona, although one of the most popular tourist destinations in Arizona, still has a symbiotic relationship with it’s natural surroundings. After pondering this, and the spelling of the word symbiotic, we made our way back down to Earth, heading to our hotel for a quick check-in before catching the sunset at Bell Rock.

We arrived at Bell Rock in the nick of time, catching about half an hour of twilight. And then, as quickly as it started, our day in Sedona was over. But not without being a wonderful host, one on whose couch we will again soon crash. Next up: Oak Creek Canyon hike. – Tyler + Jessie