Arizona – Day 3

Day 3 saw our trip-within-a-trip begin. Starting at 6:30 am, we loaded up the Fiesta, set our compass North by NorthWest, and started our pilgrimage to the Grand Canyon. For weeks, if not months, we were both looking forward to a good road trip. And, with 2 packs of CD’s, a pair of fully loaded iPods and plenty of scenery to gawk at, we would not be disappointed.

Now one thing to note before we go any further, is the superb condition of the Arizona freeway system. We’re no strangers to the difference in road quality South of the border, but the sheer size and functionality of the road system was an eye-opener. In fact, once we departed from Mesa, the vehicle was in constant motion until we reached Flagstaff, some 160 miles North. As we continued our journey we noticed the air getting cooler, and the ground getting whiter. By this point though, we had reconciled that the Grand Canyon would be cool and snow-scaped. This ended up being a positive experience, lending a fresh look to the already awesome sight. So we buttoned up our coats and spent the next 6 hours hiking the South Rim, stopping to test the un-fenced areas for yet another viewpoint, and snapping what in a previous lifetime would be an entire vacation’s supply of film.

After having captured the daytime on camera, we drove the Fiesta to Desert View, stopping at each point along the way to gauge the best vantage point for the soon-to-be setting sun. We spent some time at the Eastern most point, climbing the tower and perusing local art, and headed back to Moran point to brave the cool winds as the sun set on our day.

Having been fully satisfied, we headed back to Tusayan for the night with visions of Sedona dancing in our heads. Up next: Sedona! – Tyler + Jessie