Arizona – Day 2

Monday’s Day 1 recap may have been a bit of a marathon, but you’ll be happy to know that today’s post is more of a light stroll. In fact, it started as such, as Jessie took in the sights around Red Mountain early in the morning, and later saw us getting to be kids again, making new experiences with old friends at the Phoenix Zoo in the heart of Papago Park.

After a relaxing and healthy breakfast, we hurried off to Sky Harbor International Airport to pick up our wheels, in the form of a fire engine red Ford Fiesta! After sharing a couple laughs, we peeled over to the Zoo where we met good friend (and former creative collaborator) Donna Hainstock and her two boys, Otis and Levi.

Remarking at the beautiful setting of the Zoo, we spent the next 3 hours catching up, meandering through the many different sections, feeding the occasional giraffe and bonding with a sad-looking orangutan. And after some initial resistance, also bonded with little Levi, who made sure to let me know I was no replacement for ‘Momma’.

All-in-all, a very enjoyable day, with the evening spent enjoying good food, good wine, and a background of smooth Neil Young covers. Stay tuned for our next post — road trip to The Grand Canyon! – Tyler + Jessie