A Trip Down Mennonite Lane

After a fun and busy long weekend we are back in the saddle and halfway through another week of work. How did that happen? Regardless, as I was rummaging through some photos, I came across these great shots we took about a month ago when we were out at Fort Whyte. They have a replica sod house set up, completely furnished as it would have been in the late 1800’s/early 1900’s, with volunteers playing the part of Mennonites (and other pioneers) that would have lived in the houses at the time. They were baking bannock on the wood burning stove, collecting fire wood, sewing doll quilts and more. We spent quite a while chatting with the one man in particular, and Tyler had a great time getting a bit more history on his ancestors as well as finding a new appreciation for how people lived before the modern conveniences of today. We thoroughly enjoyed our impromptu history-lesson, and would definitely recommend taking a visit down ‘Mennonite Lane’ to anyone looking to get out and learn a little more about Manitoba.