A 23 Year Road Trip

We’ve been a little quiet lately as we finish up a couple of projects and get ourselves ready for a 12 day road trip out West. Our plan is to drive to the Okanagan valley and visit family and friends along the way, which will be a nice break from the everyday (and give us a good chance to re-charge and get inspired).

We are really excited to hit the open road, so in the spirit of adventure and travel we wanted to share this incredible story we came across the other day on the BBC.

It’s the story of a German couple Gunther Holtorf and his wife who have been traveling the world for 23 years. The couple set off on a 18-month road trip in 1989, and never looked back. Even more amazing is that they’ve traveled in the same Mercedes Benz G Wagen, belovedly named Otto, for the whole journey. In fact they’ve put on over 800,000km in 23 years. Their story is both awe inspiring and amazing to us, and the type of trip that only happens in our dreams.

Canadian-born photographer David Lemke joined Gunther on one leg of his epic journey and shared the images of Gunther’s story via this fantastic slideshow. If your looking to be inspired, it’s definitely worth the watch.

The biggest lesson we take away from Gunther? ‘The more you have traveled, the more you realize how little you have seen.’ Hopefully one day we can be lucky enough to travel to even half of these wonderful places.

Photography by Gunther Holtorf and David Lemke. – Tyler + Jessie


What's Being Said

  1. My sister has been traveling for 5 years, and I can’t see it ending for her either. I have noticed as a long term resident of Canada that people do not embrace travel in the same way as they do in my native home of England. Anything is possible, and it’s not all super expensive. I just think priorities have to become different in order to let more travel into our lives.

    A good travel blog is Wandering Earl. Besides from being a total hottie, he’s been gone for over a decade. It’s not all been good, he’s been robbed and kidnapped, but he puts a positive spin on any situation. Check it out here: http://www.wanderingearl.com/

    1. Yes, for a lot of people in Canada it feels like they view travel as a luxury. Not as a way to enrich their daily lives with new experiences. Like you said travel doesn’t have to be expensive, there are ways of being creative and doing it within a budget (whatever that may be). That’s usually how we travel, we like to look for places to stay and visit that are a bit off the beaten path.

      Thanks so much for the link. I have a feeling I could get lost on his site for awhile 🙂

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