Responsive Web Design – The New Norm

As a design studio, we’re in a state of constant flux. Each day brings about new technologies, which change the way we interact with the world. These changes are not only rapid, but unpredictable. Staying informed is important more now than ever, which is why we’re continuing to educate ourselves, in particular on the evolving subject of responsive web design. New markets are emerging from the ashes of the old, which require us to developer new thought processes to cater to developing needs.

With 2015 winding down, we find ourselves reflecting upon what we’ve learned about the web over the course of the year (see: above). The way in which we previously approached web design has dramatically changed, as pixel-perfect solutions have permanently made way for scalable solutions. We’ve continued to adapt to the widening divide between an entry level website, and those that require strategic, custom design and development. While services like Squarespace offer low-cost, relatively low-barrier-to-entry solutions, our experience with it has produced immensely frustrating results. Limited potential and poor user experience are just a couple of the it’s shortcomings (of which there are many), which is why we’ve continued to push forward with custom work, even as costs rise. We believe, wholeheartedly, that companies who focus on personalizing their customer experiences will rise above their competition.

2016 is coming, and with it, more change. Our strategy has been simple. Continue creating partnerships with forward-thinking, capable digital teams that push us to adapt, as we push them back. Collaboration, when done right, can produce amazing results, and we believe our best work is yet to come. Templates are dead, long live responsive web design.