Happy Valentine’s Day!

Good morning everyone, and a Happy Valentine’s Day!

We shared this video on Sunday, but we’re very excited to add a little behind-the-scenes look at how this shoot happened just two short weekends ago, spearheaded by the über-talented crew at Paperback Films.

Between our two companies, the wheels have been turning for awhile now, and it was only a matter of time before a joint effort presented itself — which is why we were happily surprised when they approached us to produce a Valentine’s-themed video (and even offered us the starring roles!) So with our offices as the setting, and our house as the backdrop, we volunteered our Saturday and watched these gents weave their wands, producing video magic. Truth be told, this might be the least amount of actual prep work we’ve had to do on a project in our design lives, as this film was conceptualized, written, storyboarded, filmed, edited, coloured and mixed by the At First Sight Films and Paperback Films crew.

So on this beautiful day we extend our best wishes to everyone watching, single, married or otherwise, and hope you enjoy the experience as much as we have.  – Tyler + Jessie